Body “Flaws”… How can I hide them?

Come check out my “flaws”!

We all wish that when we stand in front of a mirror we only saw perfection. Perfect curves, perfect skin … perfect imagination! Personally, I’m finding that the time between drying off after my shower and getting my clothes on is getting shorter and shorter, and I duck past the mirror until I’m wearing something cute!

We all have “flaws”, but sometimes these flaws become an obsession, and we become fixated on losing weight, getting rid of a muffin-top, or eliminating extra curves through diet and exercise. This becomes more challenging as we get older, and who wants to spend the rest of their life doing crunches?

While job experts like to say “dress for the job you want”, style experts say “dress for the body you have” flaws and all. The challenge is that most women don’t really understand the body they have or how to flatter it, or they’re waiting until they reach a goal weight or fitness level before they even start.

Why wait? You can look and feel beautiful with the body you have today. Learning to understand and respect your body’s architecture (which doesn’t change when the scale does) means that you can start looking and feeling better in your clothes right away. This doesn’t mean investing in a whole new wardrobe. Instead, it means making small changes that have a huge impact on how proportional and balanced your body appears. Without a single plank. I created a new “Discovery Package” in the Style Confidence Club for $49 to get you started. We’ll determine your Body Type, Color Code, and teach you how to dress for both and hide those “flaws”.

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