What's a Confidence Capsule?

A Confidence Capsule is your complete wardrobe for the season, featuring a shopping list with prices and links to your favorite retailers as well as a lookbook full of daily outfit ideas that reflect your style and respect your budget. The outfits were specifically chosen and researched by me (your personal stylist!) to give you the most versatility and mileage in your wardrobe.

Your Confidence Capsule is stylish, simple and affordable (Only $39). It’s like having a Personal Stylist who sends you outfit ideas every day. Wait. That’s exactly what it is!

Outfit ideas. Every single day!

No more wondering what to wear. Or staring into a closet full of clothes and wondering how they all got there.

There are two ways to use your Confidence Capsule:

Use it as a shopping list, buy the items you want and use them to recreate the outfits from the lookbook

Use it for outfit inspiration, sub in similar items from your existing wardrobe and add updated pieces to refresh your look for the season

You get TWO complete Capsules featuring different color palettes:  SOFT and BOLD.  These contain over 125 complete outfit ideas.

Get Your Fall/Winter 2018 Confidence Capsule!

Hi! I’m Nada Manley, aka "BeautyMommy", a personal stylist/fashion writer. For more than 10 years I’ve been writing about style for busy women over at BeautyMommy.com. This was born out of my struggles during those first hazy, new-mom days, when, even as a fashion expert, I felt challenged to pull myself together every day. Now, as a homeschool mom of two daughters, my days are more hectic than ever, and I needed a simple system to make fashion foolproof for myself, my friends and my online tribe. And that’s how the Confidence Capsules were born.

What's in the Confidence Capsule?

Ove 100 separate items with prices and links to your favorite stores.

Online and printable Lookbooks with 125+ outfit combinations

Access Anywhere! - Take your capsule and lookbook wherever you go!

BONUS - Holiday Fun Finds!

Victory! I went clothes shopping tonight- for a looooong time- and I didn't have a panic attack in every store! I knew what neckline to look for, what colors to avoid, and even what types of shoes to get for my upcoming trip to FLORIDA! Nada, you truly are a miracle worker! This is the type of work she can do, people! Emotional support for those of us who need it when we clothes shop!

- Leslie - 30s

I am forever thankful for your expertise in fashion. I feel more confident and stylish with all my new clothes you helped me select on our shopping trips. I receive so many comments on my new styles and my family loves it too.

- Barbara - 60s

I seriously just got my seventh compliment on cuteness over the last few days! I swear it’s been years!

- Shaleen - 40s

Get Your Fall/Winter 2018 Confidence Capsule!

Confidence Capsule Highlights

It's inclusive! The confidence capsules are designed to work for all body types, all lifestyles and all ages.

It's flexible! Use it as a complete wardrobe for the season, or update your existing wardrobe with fun, fashionable finds!

Ir's affordable! You pay $39 once, and that's it. Then you can choose items that work for your budget, and buy them at your pace, from your favorite stores.

It's versatile! The pieces are designed to mix and match for endless outfits.

  • Your Confidence Capsule Finds

    Over 100 items from your favorite retailers, specifically chosen for your lifestyle, color code, body type and budget. Each item features a description, price, flattery tips, and a link to the retailer that sells the item.

  • Your Confidence Capsule Lookbook

    Your capsule is designed to be endlessly interchangeable, and your digital outfit guide offers 125+ outfit ideas and inspiration so you can get the most from your capsule. You’ll also receive a printable, downloadable lookbook (PDF).

  • Fun Extras

    Each Confidence Capsule includes a Fun Extras section, which features additional items and exclusive finds that suit your capsule, as well as beauty inspiration.

  • Online Community

    Your Confidence Capsule includes membership to an online, exclusive community, the BeautyMommy – Style Confidence Club on Facebook, where you’ll receive ongoing support, encouragement and information. (This is the best, most supportive group of ladies you’ll find anywhere!)

  • Capsule on Your Smartphone

    Confidence Capsule convenience on your smartphone: Save your Confidence Capsule to the homescreen of your phone, and you can access your capsule anytime, anywhere.

  • Updates During the Season

    Our unique digital lookbook technology allows for updates and additions throughout the season, so I’ll make sure what I recommend is still available.

Nada Manley is a style journalist (columnist/editor/blogger), personal stylist, and closet consultant who specializes in working with moms and other busy women. As homeschool mom with 2 daughters, Lola, 11, and Eva, 9, Nada understands the unique challenges faced by other moms. Her husband, Kevin, a business strategist and exit advisor, is the tech brain behind BeautyMommy, The Style Confidence Club and the Confidence Capsules.