Fix The Frump Factor in 4 Days


Learn my tried-and-true strategies

Fix the frumps in 4 days! In this challenge we will help you learn to spot frumpy pieces and make modern chic choices for your wardrobe.

Every day, you’ll get a NEW challenge, tip or technique that will make a noticeable difference in your ability to spot the frumpy stuff and make stylish everyday choices. I'll help you update your eye so that you easily spot the difference between frumpy and flattering choices.

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In this challenge, which starts Monday, November 28,

I'll show you:

Day 1

Is Your Style Frumpy? Today, we're going to identify some frumpy factors that contribute to a dated look, and take a frumpy style self-assessment.

Day 2

Train Your Eye: I'm going to walk you through a simple strategy my clients use to train their eye so that they can easily spot the frumpy pieces and keep their style fresh and modern.

Day 3

Fix a Favorite. Today, I'm going to show you how a few tweaks can take a favorite outfit from potentially frumpy to totally chic.

Day 4

The Frump Factor Class: Join me LIVE in my Zoom room as we break down the frump factor and discuss how you can use your new knowledge to transform your style.

And a whole lot more...

All to help you feel more chic, confident, and beautiful, every single day, to feel fresh and not frumpy, and to start having fun with fashion.

Take the Challenge!

P.S. Challenges are always more fun with your friends!  Please invite them!

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