Carry Me in Your Purse!

Swatches for Your Color Code!

Color Swatches are now available for your Dominant Color (or Color Code)! Many of my clients tell me that they keep their swatches in their purse so they don't end up with unflattering clothes or makeup (it's like keeping me in your purse). After you've completed your Color Analysis, you can order yours here. It's only $25 and shipping is free anywhere in the world.  It contains your swatches, a carrying case, and tips for your code.  See the sample below.

Nada Manley is a style journalist (columnist/editor/blogger), personal stylist, and closet consultant who helps women over 40 unlock their ageless, authentic style and give them the confidence to live out their calling. Her husband, Kevin, a business strategist and exit advisor, is the tech brain behind and The Style Confidence Club.