The Confident Style Over 40 Quick Course contains tools to help you transform your wardrobe into one that is flattering, functional, and fun.

Here's what it includes...

  • Exclusive Online Catalogs: Curated by me, by decade, these are the very items that my clients and I have used, worn, and loved. I have handpicked the pieces that will instantly give you style, confidence, and body flattery. Plus, you'll find notes about lifestyle, budget, and body type.
  • Outfit ideas and styling suggestions for your age and stage, so you know exactly how to put the pieces together and eliminate the feeling of having nothing to wear. You will find outfits for at-home, casual outings, church, work, and more.
  • Style Tips... These style suggestions are the only "rules" that matter for your age and stage.
  • Style Inspiration... You'll find inspirational images hand-picked from Pinterest and Instagram that flatter women like you, plus specific outfit formulas so that you can recreate these looks using items you already own.
  • Ageless Style Videos: As a course buyer, you'll have access to the base module of my Ageless Style Confidence Club, where you'll find a trio of videos designed to complement the course perfectly: Old Clothes vs Young Clothes, 3 Capsule Wardrobe Myths, and Old Makeup vs Young Makeup
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I've seen this course transform the style and ignite the confidence of women just like you – women of every age, budget and body type.  Great style is in the details. It’s the particulars and the nuances that make one item perfect at 40 and a total bust at 60. 

Here's what I hear from women like you:

"I want to dress trendy, but not silly. I’m 63, 159 lbs and only 5’ tall. I’m so short I look frumpy. PS. I cannot wear heels past a kitten heel." – Deborah

"I’m 38 - so too old for a lot of clothes but too young for some, and I’m struggling to find the most flattering clothes for me right now." - Ann

"What is appropriate yet sexy for a young 59-year-old woman?" - Mary

"I’ve just had my third child and the weight I have gained I am struggling to lose. How do i dress and look young without squeezing myself into clothes that make me feel so uncomfortable." - Melissa

"I am 52 and have always had problems finding clothing that flatter my shape. I work in a Business Casual environment and would like clothes that are age appropriate, that flatter my figure and that I can mix and match." – Natalie

Do any of these sound like you? I’ve designed the Confident Style over 40 Quick Course to conquer these challenges and more!


A Note From Nada

Hey there! I know you may have felt that you’re the only one who finds style a struggle, but I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. I’ve worked with more than 1000 women over two decades, and I’ve learned that we all struggle to find peace with our style, no matter our age, body type/size, or budget. We are all trying to feel effortlessly beautiful, day after day.

And style is something that most of us are never taught.

I know that the struggle to get dressed and feel comfortable in your own skin takes its toll. And I hear you, and hear from you, every single day. Maybe this sounds like you…

  • I'm moving into a leadership position where I’ll interact with the public and realize I don't really know how to dress for my position, age (49), body type. I’d like to look stylish, professional, age appropriate, and be comfortable.
  • I haven’t been shopping for clothes lately because they don’t fit right. I’m not happy with the clothing choices I’ve made in the past. I don’t know how to dress for my age (55) and shape).
  • I am 56 years old. I do not want to dress like I am 30 or 40. I like to wear what looks great on me.
  • I’m in my late 50s, but look and feel so much younger. I struggle with what to wear, as I don’t want to look frumpy.
  • I’m 78, and I’ve gained weight due to back problems. I want to look fashionable, but it’s hard to find clothes in women’s sizes without looking frumpy or just plain ridiculous.
  • How can I camouflage my belly bulge and still look stylish and classy?

I'm honored to get questions like this from women like you, women around the world, every day. Together, we can move mountains, style-wise, to get you back on track.

Are you ready and excited to…

  • Experience a clear, clutter-free closet full of outfits that fit and flatter you?
  • Look forward to social events and work commitments because you have just the thing to wear that will help you feel confident and relaxed?
  • Enjoy the comfort of knowing that your wardrobe suits your age, stage, and lifestyle?

Style truly has no expiration date.



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