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Every day, you’ll receive a NEW challenge, tip or technique that will move you towards a greater understanding of your personal style, so that you can show up as your most authentic self in your everyday life.

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In this challenge, which starts Monday, April 25,

I'll show you:

Day 1

Style Stars: Through a series of fun and creative exercises, you'll discover how to use style inspiration from celebrities and influencers and translate that information into techniques that you can use to transform your personal style in a practical way.

Day 2

The Art of Accessorizing: Learn how to discover and develop your personal style through a strategic choice of accessories, and how to use these essential finishing pieces to create a style you love.

Day 3

Beauty School. You'll learn the role that your beauty choices (hair, makeup, nails, etc.) play in the expression of your personal style, and how you can use them as tools to develop a standout signature style.

Day 4

The Signature Piece: Today we'll be discussing the power of the perfect piece to sum up your personal style, and why having style signatures is an essential part of developing unforgettable style.

Day 5

Style Self Talk: You'll learn how 3 little words can help you focus and develop your personal style, and create a style personality that is uniquely your own.

And a whole lot more...

All week we will be working on ways to celebrate all of the things that make your style uniquely you, so you can radiate the confidence that comes with showing up as your most authentically stylish self every single day in a way that only you can!

Take the Challenge!

P.S. Challenges are always more fun with your friends!  Please invite them!

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