“The Closet”: I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

Actually, I’ll show you mine first, but let’s chat about “The Closet”.

The last place many of my clients want to take me is in their closet. They’re embarrassed by the lack of organization, clutter, or the quality and quantity (usually too much!) of their clothes. They often delay working with me because they want to go through it first and “tidy up”. Like picking up before the cleaning person comes. You may fool your cleaning lady, but not me.

Want to know why?

Because the problem isn’t your closet … or your lack of money, space or organizational skills. The problem (99% of the time) is that you’ve bought a lot of items over the years and still really aren’t sure what makes you look and feel awesome. Or, you’ve gone through a transition: motherhood, career, aging and you simply don’t know what works for you now.

It seems easier to blame “The Closet” than to start with understanding you … your body, your color, your style & lifestyle. That is the foundation of Style Confidence and where I start with every client.

Your closet should be your happy place, filled with clothes and potential outfits that truly make you feel great at whatever age and stage you’re at in your life. Believe me … my closet isn’t always perfectly neat (just ask my husband!), but I know that I can walk in and pull together a stylish, flattering look in minutes.

Yes, I teach my clients how to have a more functional closet (and even a neat one!) but what I really do is give them the confidence to walk into their closet (or their favorite store) and know that they’re going to leave with a look that makes them feel beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my happy place!